The Unstoppable Weight Gain

Not having the need to think twice before I put anything in my mouth back in highschool, the freshman fifteen of college was a big surprise. Now college behind me and keeping busy with a job I’m not crazy about, I find myself gaining more and more weight. This crazy shit is unstoppable. The gates are open now and there’s no way to stop the flood of weight!

Thinking about all the times LeK and I tried to do the “South Beach” diet, the Cookie Diet (or in my case, it was the mini snickers diet- but instead of 1 cookie per meal, I opted out for a bag of snickers per snack) or every time I swore to myself that this time I’d go to the gym regularly, I’ve discovered the following about myself:

1. I have absolutely no will power

2. I can get extremely creative in finding excuses not to go to the gym

3. I can even injure myself and stay injured not go to the gym

4. I hate pointlessly running or moving on/with a machine

5. I don’t care much about my health, which is incredibly stupid of me. Unless I have a more aesthetic incentive at mind (i.e. like needing to go to the beach in a tiny bikini in a few months), I have no desire to get up and be active.

6. There’s a positive correlation between how much I want to go the gym (despite my lack of will power) and how good my boyfriend looks

7. Going shopping is the last thing I want to do when I realize I’ve gained weight. The realization itself creates more frustration, leading to more ice cream.. Damn you vicious cycle

But I’m hopeful this time. Since I’ve identified these problems, now I can think of ways to circumvent them. My first plan of attack is to convince a friend to become my gym buddy..

LeK, I wish we were still roommates. I feel you could drag me to the gym..


One Response to The Unstoppable Weight Gain

  1. gliterati says:

    Oh RaO, how I feel your pain.

    I am ashamed to admit that your post tipped me over the fence in my to buy/not to buy a scale debate. Now I’ve bought a scale, and it says I weigh exactly the same as I always do. Naturally, I am vastly disappointed and wishing I could take it back and get a digital scale or any other scale that might tell me something more interesting. This one only cost $10. I am disinclined to believe in it’s accuracy.

    I am also slightly ashamed, but mostly very proud, to say that I have been using Netflix to watch as many cheesy workout videos as I possibly can. You may laugh, but those women wear some seriously neato spandex–not to mention that some of the workouts are HARD. Ex: CRUNCH-Total Resculpt left me sore for a day and a half! In just four days, I HAVE BUNS OF STEEL! STEEL, I tell you!!

    Best diet of all time that you and I ever went on:
    Freshmen year, The Chickwich diet. At Harvard University Dining Services (dotcom), we learned that a Chickwich only has 150 calories. Can you believe it?!?! Well, you shouldn’t. No seriously, you shouldn’t– LIES. Anyway, three chickwiches a day and we expected to be deflating like a kiddie pool in summer.
    (Reality: freshmen fifteen soon became freshmen twenty-five… maybe complimenting the chickwich diet with the snickers diet = bad idea?)

    Ah, this post elicits so many fond memories. You’re right RaO: if we were still on the same continent I would be dragging your ass to the gym. Or, using you as a guinea pig to test out my potential as an insane Yogalates Video Instructor named Trish. I would have been huge on Youtube.

    One question: do they have water aerobics in Never Land? The *best* classes are always 70+…

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