RaO and I are definitely vibrating on the same spiritual wavelength.

People used to tell us that we are “exactly the same,” to which we reacted with great gratitude/offense depending on our current mood. Ultimately, we found this comment to be pretty bizarre: we look nothing alike–especially now that RaO has crossed over to the dark side (aka she’s no longer a blonde!); RaO is from Never Never Land while LeK was raised in the Wild Wild West, and only one of us has true musical/vocal talent.

However, a few days ago, I was forced to concede to those many individuals who have suggested in the past that RaO and I share a strange psychic connection.

Though we are separated by many a time zone, thousands of miles, and some of us have drastic internet barriers to overcome, on the same exact day merely hours apart, we both google searched for fan-made New Moon trailers because we wanted, more than anything, to be able to watch the movie NOW.

If what’s her name from The Devil Wears Prada were my mother, I might be able to make this happen.

But sadly, no.

Oh, so now for my confession. In a true “literati” turn of events, I decided to quench my thirst for Vampire intrigue by reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897). This is a work of true literary value, and actually quite riveting, though reading it online at Google Books is somewhat hurting my eyes. I am not embarrassed of the way I came to be reading this novel (wishing I could watch New Moon, NOW), nor am I embarrassed about loving Twilight.

There, I said it.


One Response to Confession

  1. raolek says:

    I’m over my embarrassement of loving Twilight; everyone loves it and if they say otherwise, they’re lying..
    And to my point.. Apparently Kindle: Amazon’s wireless reading device is getting more attention nowadays.
    To begin with Amazon made a big investment in the already existing Kindle to improve the resolution and theb reading quality. Secondly they changed the size to resemble more of a book.
    Considering how much I hated reading stuff from my 10 inch sony waio, I wonder how improved Kindles can be and if they will be able to replace regular books in the near future.

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