Izzy Stevens..

I know I’m very behind on all my shows, but I just watched the latest Grey’s episode online last night. You have to give me some credit, Never Never Land is 2 seasons behind on Grey’s and I can’t view shows online on ABC.com because I’m outside of the US. Add to this my unwillingness to pay for shows or songs via iTunes and voila! I have to wait for the episodes to fall to various video sharing sites. I’m aware that this is technically illegal, but it is almost impossible not to ‘break the law’ when everybody around you is..

So my question is: What is going to happen to Izzy Stevens? As is, she has been awfully sick for the past few episodes; is she really going to die? The show can definitely go on with her abscence; it might even create some great drama if Alex (Justin Chambers) can pull it off. I’m afraid to say, so far the spark in Justin’s acting is yet to be seen..

But Katherine Heigl (Izzy Stevens) on the other hand is rapidly rising to her state of movie stardom. It might be time for her to pull off a George Clooney and leave behind the show that single handedly brought her to the homes of millions of TV watchers all over the world.


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  1. gliterati says:

    You still watch Grey’s?

    Click here to view a graph of my respect for you:

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