Lauren Conrad

I am actually furious right now- not only because of slaving with work during this beautiful, sunny Never Never Land day, but because I read the following online:

“I just finished writing my first book–you can pre- order ,online. I’d try Amazon. LA Candy will be at the stores on June 16th. Now I’m working on the second book, it’s intense, but fun!

Loving life,


This is Lauren Conrad that is- the star of the MTV show “The Hills”: the LA socialite, the drama queen and the individual with the brain size of a pea and the work ethic of a bum.

Knowing how long it takes to actually write a bookfrom start to finsh,  let alone the time it takes to get everything together with revisions, contracts and etc, I’m fabbergasted that this creature has managed not only to party, shop, party, go to fancy restaurants, fly to Hawaii, party, be on MTV, design her own fashion line, sell the products of her fashion line, party, shop some more AND FINISH THIS GODDAMN BOOK.

Damn it!! Some people hired by the publishing company (probaby for minimum wage) must have written the entire thing under her name- probably asking for critical information like “what was the name of the girl who talked behind your back when you dated this other boy who was with you just to be on TV?”, giving her all the credit. But still she will be a published author of not only 1 book, but a series of books and make money she doesn’t really deserve. Kudos to her though for being able to capitalize on a ‘not-so-five-minutes’ of fame that she got thrugh being a reality TV star.

LeK, our life sucks..


One Response to Lauren Conrad

  1. gliterati says:

    No, our lives are awesome. Kind of.

    I know, I know! To make ourselves feel better (by putting others down–sorry, I just caught part of Mean Girls on TBS), we should make a list of The All Time Top Ten People Who Suck…

    1. The entire cast of The Hills…
    2. ???

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