Ex-Boyfriends should NOT be allowed to get MARRIED

Getting a new girlfriend is bad enough already…

But really, I don’t care if I liked you, loved you, or if it was more of a just-sit-there-silently-and-let-me-look-at-you type of thing we had going on. You are not allowed to get engaged, and you are NOT allowed to post it on facebook. The only worse way you could have told me would have been by sending a wedding invitation.

Incidentally, a good friend of mine just got dumped via email, which she characterizes as “worse than a text message, not quite as bad as a post-it note.” While I appreciate the Sex & the City reference, is a text message REALLY a better vehicle for rejection than an email?

(Ahhhh I made a Poll called “What is the WORST way to get dumped?” but I can’t get it in here! Rao: Help me!!)


One Response to Ex-Boyfriends should NOT be allowed to get MARRIED

  1. raolek says:

    I think Facebook “relationship status” should just disappear from the face of the earth and save us ALL some trouble.

    I hate people struggling to define themselves and stress over it, just because there has to be something there.
    Or what about breaking up? Moving on? Getting married?

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