Watching Streaming Videos Online

When we think of the many (sometimes advanced and sometimes not) websites that stream videos online, we all know what everybody is using them for: mainly to watch shows, movies and other copyrighted stuff online for free of charge.

I’m one of those many people who is a frequent visitor to youtube, megavieo, ninjavideo and supernovatube. Why?

Because none of the network websites will let me watch their otherwise freely accssible shows online since I reside outside of the States- same policy with Hulu. Many shows are not even on iTunes even if I was willing to pay for it.

So what am I supposed to do if I really want to keep up with my favourite shows? Wait for 4 years until some network in my country buys the rights to these shows and starts airing them? Pay absurd amounts of money for DVDs to be shipped to my country while I also wait an unnecessary amount of time for the season to fold?


No, instead I turn to crappy sites with bad quality to watch my favorite TV shows.. What can I say? I’m a TV junkie even with my 10 inch sony waio..


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