Watching Streaming Videos Online

June 16, 2009

When we think of the many (sometimes advanced and sometimes not) websites that stream videos online, we all know what everybody is using them for: mainly to watch shows, movies and other copyrighted stuff online for free of charge.

I’m one of those many people who is a frequent visitor to youtube, megavieo, ninjavideo and supernovatube. Why?

Because none of the network websites will let me watch their otherwise freely accssible shows online since I reside outside of the States- same policy with Hulu. Many shows are not even on iTunes even if I was willing to pay for it.

So what am I supposed to do if I really want to keep up with my favourite shows? Wait for 4 years until some network in my country buys the rights to these shows and starts airing them? Pay absurd amounts of money for DVDs to be shipped to my country while I also wait an unnecessary amount of time for the season to fold?


No, instead I turn to crappy sites with bad quality to watch my favorite TV shows.. What can I say? I’m a TV junkie even with my 10 inch sony waio..


The Question That Should be Banned

May 17, 2009

This weekend my boyfriend and I attended a close (but older) friend’s wedding. I was glammed up, he was dapper; we were SO ready for a good night of celebrating and dancing with friends all around.

Then one after the other, I got the same old question OVER and OVER again: “So.. when are you guys getting married?”

“None of your buisness”


“Go to hell”

“You get married first and then we’ll think about it”

“None of your business”

Awkward Laugh

“How long have you  guys been dating again?”

were all the answers I thought through my head before I smiled politely and answered “not yet..”

This question should definitely be banned- especially during weddings.

Ex-Boyfriends should NOT be allowed to get MARRIED

May 12, 2009

Getting a new girlfriend is bad enough already…

But really, I don’t care if I liked you, loved you, or if it was more of a just-sit-there-silently-and-let-me-look-at-you type of thing we had going on. You are not allowed to get engaged, and you are NOT allowed to post it on facebook. The only worse way you could have told me would have been by sending a wedding invitation.

Incidentally, a good friend of mine just got dumped via email, which she characterizes as “worse than a text message, not quite as bad as a post-it note.” While I appreciate the Sex & the City reference, is a text message REALLY a better vehicle for rejection than an email?

(Ahhhh I made a Poll called “What is the WORST way to get dumped?” but I can’t get it in here! Rao: Help me!!)

Happy Cinco De Mayo Everyone!

May 5, 2009

Oh how I wish we were celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Never Never Land.. One always needs a good excuse to go out, drink some tequila and have a good time..

The Unstoppable Weight Gain

May 4, 2009

Not having the need to think twice before I put anything in my mouth back in highschool, the freshman fifteen of college was a big surprise. Now college behind me and keeping busy with a job I’m not crazy about, I find myself gaining more and more weight. This crazy shit is unstoppable. The gates are open now and there’s no way to stop the flood of weight!

Thinking about all the times LeK and I tried to do the “South Beach” diet, the Cookie Diet (or in my case, it was the mini snickers diet- but instead of 1 cookie per meal, I opted out for a bag of snickers per snack) or every time I swore to myself that this time I’d go to the gym regularly, I’ve discovered the following about myself:

1. I have absolutely no will power

2. I can get extremely creative in finding excuses not to go to the gym

3. I can even injure myself and stay injured not go to the gym

4. I hate pointlessly running or moving on/with a machine

5. I don’t care much about my health, which is incredibly stupid of me. Unless I have a more aesthetic incentive at mind (i.e. like needing to go to the beach in a tiny bikini in a few months), I have no desire to get up and be active.

6. There’s a positive correlation between how much I want to go the gym (despite my lack of will power) and how good my boyfriend looks

7. Going shopping is the last thing I want to do when I realize I’ve gained weight. The realization itself creates more frustration, leading to more ice cream.. Damn you vicious cycle

But I’m hopeful this time. Since I’ve identified these problems, now I can think of ways to circumvent them. My first plan of attack is to convince a friend to become my gym buddy..

LeK, I wish we were still roommates. I feel you could drag me to the gym..